Established Aussiedoodle Breeder in Edina, Minnesota

About us

We were blessed to purchase a beautiful F1b Aussiedoodle Rita from an amazing breeder and friend Shannon Finney, from Finney Ranch, and now my mentor.  I was so impressed by the way they raised their puppies.  I shared my interest in being a small breeder.  Over the summer of 2020 Shannon invited my family and I to her ranch to learn and see what it takes to became a successful breeder. I worked side by side with Shannon Finney for about fifteen days. During that time, she and her amazing team walked me through the day-to-day steps with the puppies and the moms,  from morning clean up and feeding to vaccines and medications, even learning how to deliver puppies for the very fist time. After Shannon saw my potential and love for dogs and all animals, she agreed to mentor me…and that’s where my adventure began.

After spending that precious time at Finney Ranch, I feel like I have found my passion in life. Rita is simply the best dog we have ever had.  She is clear of all genetic diseases and loves everyone she meets.  We are thrilled to be starting this new chapter in our life with her!

Our puppies receive lots of love, attention, and socialization in our home and have proven to be very therapeutic for our children. This is especially true for our teenage daughter! By giving our children the opportunity to reciprocate love, as well as the responsibility of caring for them, they are learning extremely valuable life skills. With the support of my husband and children, my mission is to raise healthy, confident and secure puppies, who are able to adjust quickly in their new home and family. I am confident that I will meet the expectations or our clients as Shannon continues to guide me with each new litter.  She has bred over 500 puppies who are living happily all over the United States and Canada.   

Meet The Team

Veronica Bach-Dowd

Owner of Hillside Doodles.

Dream Big! Surround your self with dogs, family, friends and good people to achieve happiness and success

The Bach-Dowd Family

My Familia! We are a fun crowd, we love each other and support our dreams. Without them I couldn’t have started this adventure. Always picking up the load when needed.

None of this would have been possible with out my daughter Natalia who was my inspiration to adopt one more dog!


My son Jacob is a hard working man! He will be going to the U of M Twin Cities. Very respectful and kind human.

His work ethic and responsibility has made the program successful.

Your puppy will be escorted with lots of love, safety and care by him.

Ian Bach-Dowd

My amazing husband, I could have not start this journey with out his support. Always supporting and encouraging me to follow my dreams.

He loves to teach our puppies to not be scare with deep voices.

Finney Ranch

“Twenty-three years ago, my husband Erik and I got married and moved to a ranch in Northern Minnesota near our hometown. God has blessed us with a pasture full of cattle and a house filled with 7 kids. Along with our love of raising cattle, we have raised many puppies including Basset Hounds and Australian Cattle dogs”. Today they breed and raise Aussiedoodles and Poodles.

-Shannon Finney